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Petzl katalog 2023.

25.11.2022 Petzl Novosti BIM Sport News Professional

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Accessing the inaccessible is a routine requirement for most professionals who use our products. And it’s an honor for Petzl to contribute to their work. For the last 50 years, we’ve put our know-how and expertise to work to continue this mission.
Rooted in our experience, we design and manufacture specialized products that provide our customers with the best performance and highest level of safety, so that every move they make during their workday is easier and more efficient — bringing the inaccessible within reach.
As for new 2023 products, hands-free lighting is taking the main stage, with a complete range of four ARIA headlamps, designed for all professionals in the generalist market, such as tradespeople, maintenance professionals, and stage workers. For rescuers, this year we’re serving up an updated range of FALCON harnesses, revamped to give you more comfort, lighter weight, and of course, functional design. Speaking of harnesses, you’ll also find a range of accessories that make carrying and accessing your tools easier than ever. You also don’t want to miss the new TOOLBAG range, now with even more practical and innovative features! To top it all off, our updated PRO TRAXION and MINI TRAXION pulleys are sure to get your attention, as well as the incredible COEUR PULSE removable anchor.
You’ll find many more new products as you go through these pages…
Happy reading and best of success in your endeavors!

25.11.2022 Petzl Novosti BIM Sport News Professional
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